domingo, 29 de janeiro de 2012

New York - part 1

Travelling is one of the best things in life.

That is what I love the most. So I’ve made up my mind!
This will be my subject for the next posts.

Let’s start with a desired destiny for those who are learning English: NEW YORK.

I have to be honest. I DO love big cities, but I’ve never felt like going there.

When I went there, I had one thing in mind: “It is a big city, I can find everything there, so it must be like São Paulo, I guess I will like it.”
I, myself, had planned everything, from the flights to the hotel, the Broadway show, the tour.
(If you don’t have much experience, I advise you to go to a travel agency, that way you will avoid having trouble) I did it because it is something I really enjoy, maybe one day I’ll have my own travel agency.

If you don’t know the city, read a lot before going if you are not going with a group. Even if you spend months researching, you won’t discover everything about the place. Don’t worry much about safety. Manhattan has got safer after the tragedy of 09/11/2001. There are cameras around the borough and undercover police officers. However, you need always to take care, wherever you are.
It might be interesting to take a tour bus if you won’t spend much time there. You can take those Hop-on/Hop-off buses. I only recommend if you can communicate well, when you decide to stop at an interest place and you need some information, you´ll have to ask people in the street, there won’t be a tourist guide with you. You can also take a traditional tour . The bus won’t stop so much, but if you are able to understand what the guide says, you will learn much more in this kind of tour than in any other tour. I’ve taken this one and it was good to be aware of some places, distance, and I could learn a lot about Manhattan.

A MUST do is going up to the observation deck of Rockefeller Center or the Empire State Building. The view is breathtaking!  

View from The Top Of The Rock

@Radio City

Another is attending a Broadway musical. There are so many, for sure you will like at least one. The one I’ve been to is a seasonal show. Have you ever heard of “Christmas Spectacular”? It is more of a ballet, so you don’t need to know English to enjoy it, but for sure you Will understand it better IF you know more about their culture. As, for instance, they present the song 12 days of Christmas as tap dance. For those who have never heard of it, it gets a little bit out of context. And if you are not keen on waiting forever to buy your tickets (the lines can be huge) you can buy them in advance on the internet.

That is all for today!
I’ll write more in a few days, so you won’t get tired of reading it.

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