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Vocabulary 1

Lady Gaga has sung in one of her songs "It's been a long time since I came around" and this sentece is also valid for me, Lady Gava.
I haven't been writing, but here I am with a list of vocabulary to help you out.

     1.    All finger and thumbs
2.    Anecdote
A short often funny story, especially about something someone has done
3.    Awkward
Difficult, embarrassing or inconvenient
4.    Blunt
Honest, even if it means upsetting people
    5.    Burst into tears
To suddenly  cry
6.    Burst out laughing
To suddenly  laugh
    7.    Butterflies in the stomach
To feel very nervous, usually about something you are going to do
8.    Crass
Without considering how other people might feel; stupid
9.    Cross
Angry or annoyed
     10. Cultural clash
Misunderstandings, and disagreements between different cultures
11. Delighted
Very pleased and happy
12. Dodgy
Not honest, not reliable
 13. Earth-shattering
Extremely important or very surprising
   14. Flabbergasted
To be in a state of confusion or surprise
15. Giggle
A quiet laugh
16. Goods
Things produced in order to be sold
17. Hair-raising
Very frightening
18. Heart-rending
Causing great sympathy or sadness
19. Ins and outs
20. Laugh my head off
To laugh very noisily and for a long time
21. Let down
Disappointed by something or someone
22. Mouth-watering
Describes food that looks as if it will taste good
23. No laughing matter
To laugh very noisily and for a long time
24. Non-p.c. joke
A funny story which may offend people
25. Opinionated
It describes someone who is certain about what they think and believe, and who expresses their ideas strongly and often
26. Out of this world
27. Overjoyed
Extremely happy
28. Pun
A humorous use of a word or phrase which has several meanings or which sounds like another word
29. Relieved
Happy that something unpleasant has not happened or has ended
30. Shattered
To break into a million pieces, fragments
31. Straight face
A serious expression on your face that you use when you do not want someone to know that you think something is funny
32. Swear
To use offensive words
33. The penny drops
You suddenly understand something
34. To make light of it
To treat something as if it were unimportant or humorous
35. To put your foot in it
To do or say something embarrassing and
tactless or get yourself into trouble
36. To turn a blind eye
To  ignore something that you know is wrong
37. Up to my neck
Deeply involved
38. Worldwide
Appearing or occurring everywhere in the world
39. Yawn
To open your mouth wide because you are tired or bored

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